Gluten-free travel just got a little easier

Even with an extra strong coffee, this Friday morning found me yawning, groggy, and indecisive.  Whatever will I blog about today!? (Yeah, first world problems right there.)

However! However. Cinnamon Girl – who has some tasty looking recipes I’m dying to try out – has saved me with her find that I have to share.  A particularly bright couple over at Celiac Travel has come up with celiac travel cards.


(Source: image)

Mr Bookeater & I are lucky to have a few European languages at our disposal when we travel, but that certainly only goes so far – and I’m not sure we know how to explain gluten-free in any language aside from English anyway!

Enter the Celiac Travel Card.  This handy little card comes in a multitude of languages (54 to be exact), and concisely explains what Celiac disease is, and what gluten-free does and does not include.

Considering Mr Bookeater & I have a LONG list of travel plans, I suspect these will be invaluable to him in the near future.


(Source: image)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. These travel cards have been my saviour in Turkey, Greece and Spain! 😀 they’re excellent!!!

  2. Jyoti B says:

    Aww glad I could help! I’m so excited about having these to help me out when I’m next on holiday… hand gestures and talking slowly really don’t work! 🙂

    1. JenLaneulie says:

      They really are a great idea! Hand gestures definitely only get you so far… 🙂

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