What are your eco-hacks?


I ran across this article on Offbeat Home this morning, and it got me thinking about what (new) small changes I can make to create a more sustainable way to live in the city.  I’m the resident greenie at home.  Mr Bookeater is certainly a staunch supporter of this – I just happen to spend way more time on the internet finding cool and eco-friendly stuff to buy (like these bamboo toothbrushes!).  Small scale changes can make a real difference in your individual ecological footprint, and I really believe this creates important momentum for change on a larger scale.

A not insubstantial number of people seem to think it’s all a lost cause. I’ve heard many people express the idea that there is nothing an individual can do to effect change of any sort. I get intensely frustrated by this attitude.  Last time I checked, ecological issues are becoming more and more pressing.  Climate change is still there, as Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Cyclone Oswald gently reminded us earlier this year. Waiting for The Important Scientific People to do something about it is a null game – there’s a limited number of Important Scientific People, and let me tell you, there aren’t enough people listening to them either.

Climate change

image: http://oncirculation.com/the-basics/climate-change/

I firmly believe that personal change cultivates community change – which snowballs into change on a large scale.  Why do you think there are so many eco-friendly beauty & household companies emerging now? Because we started demanding them.  Consumer power is no little thing, and when a whole bunch of people JUST LIKE YOU start asking for an organic product, someone is bound to listen. And if the someone who listens is doing so only for financial reasons, does it matter?

So, when I do something as small as putting my fresh herbs or shallots in a glass of water so they last longer (and reduce the food I could otherwise waste), it doesn’t feel like a futile gesture. It feels like a tiny step in a smarter direction.

What are your small eco-hacks that make a difference?



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  1. echidnaw says:

    Wonderful! Great article. I totally agree. It is the little things done by ordinary people that will make the change we need. It is not a lost cause! Today I shaved my legs, after I turned off the shower, in water collected at the bottom of the shower in a basin. Easy! Why didn’t I do it before?

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