An Official Introduction


Well, hello there internets.

I feel an introduction might be in order. My name is Jennifer Laneulie a.k.a. the Endangered Bookeater.

My blog’s name arose out of a lifelong love of reading – I’ve been voraciously devouring books for as long as I can remember (and even before my memory kicked in, according to outside sources).  While I know that out there in the big wide world there are many others just like me, we do tend to be a skittish and quiet species. This has often left me feeling a bit like an endangered species; surrounded by extroverts all loudly extolling the virtues of loud things, and places, and general chaos.

I’m an aspiring writer, and my goal for 2013 is to change the “aspiring” part of that title to a “maybe published just one thing” sort of writer.  I’ve created this blog to push myself to write more, and about things that are important to me.

You can expect assorted mutterings on the frustrations of learning languages: my project for this year is to master some basic Spanish.  All I can manage at this point is some indelicate language followed by a request for the bathroom, so I’ll refrain from demonstrating any of those dubious skills just yet.

I’m also into an eco-everything sort of lifestyle – or at least I try – and this lends itself pretty naturally to a love of DIY.  Be it cooking, baking, sewing, or improving my green thumb, I love to create almost anything from scratch.  Pictures will likely be forthcoming, along with a tasty recipe or two.

Also included: assorted travel musings, and perhaps the odd book recommendation!

I hope that with your help we can create an interesting and engaging little community here, and that my words find a happy home in your head, Future Reader.

Much internetty love,

An endangered bookeater


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth Ecker says:

    I noticed that it says 38 people liked ur page but my picture is up twice… I must be ur biggest fan or their is a glitch…lol.

    1. JLaneulie says:

      I think there is a glitch with the facebook widget – I noticed a couple of duplicated pictures as well. But you can be my biggest fan 😉

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